Tonight I'll be part of the Where Is Every Body program, organised by Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam. It is an event about "unpacking questions of inclusivity and accessibility in the hybrid cultural sector".You should all come over. I do not want to wonder where everybody is.

Today my students of the minor Exclusive Design showed their work. In the past seven weeks they worked, together with real people with disabilities, on tailor made things for these people. I’m very happy and proud with what they did.

Today I dug up this alphabet sculpture I made in the 90s. Going to give it a place in my new workshop.

A commercial web agency asked me to come and give a talk to their design team about designing with people with disabilities. When I started discussing payment they decided to cancel.

Het gemeentelijke grindcore-ensemble "The Bladblazers From Hell" geeft weer een concert in de straat.

Tonight I saw Peaches walking over the crowd inside a giant dick. One of the many highlights of a fantastic show.

“It’s a spreadsheet for words”
“We should never have called it ‘language modelling’ […] it was (and still is) ‘word sequence modelling’.”

In the train to Utrecht to watch Flat Worm.

My first test for the Web Platform Tests project just got merged! They add a few more tests to test black and white in the (ok)lch colour functions. Can’t wait to use these functions!

I asked the incredible DALL·E mini to generate images about "komkommersalade" — which means "cucumber salad" in Dutch — and it came up with this:

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I just heard that our neighbor’s cat, who walked away over a month ago, was found alive today! 🏡🐈

Submitted my first pull request to the Web Platform Tests repo.

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