I finished listening to an old audio book version of The Satanic Verses. Someone digitised it from a series of old cassette tapes and put it on the internet. I'm not sure if it's the voice of Salman Rushdie himself, whoever it is, I would like to thank him for this brilliant work

Dear English native speakers. Did I *watch* a show by Soul Glo yesterday? Of did I *see* a show by Soul Glo yesterday?

Today Manuel Matuzović and Eric Groot Kormelink talked to my students about design and accessibility. Manuel talked about the (hidden) UX of HTML, and Eric talked about the incredible projects he has done with our students over the years. Such an inspiring event. Lucky, lucky students!

Vanochtend heb ik genoten van twee fantastische lezingen tijdens de kickoff voor tweedejaars studenten van CMD Amsterdam. @astridpoot vertelde over haar onderzoek naar ethiek, en @manuelame over haar onderzoek naar de verhouding tussen mensen en de overheid.

Olympus. The language where computation happens through the will of the gods


Waar koop je tegenwoordig een goede opvouwbare paraplu?

I switched to Nova as my code editor because it is very good and I prefer to use independent software.

Tonight I'll be part of the Where Is Every Body program, organised by Hackers & Designers in Amsterdam. It is an event about "unpacking questions of inclusivity and accessibility in the hybrid cultural sector".You should all come over. I do not want to wonder where everybody is.

Today my students of the minor Exclusive Design showed their work. In the past seven weeks they worked, together with real people with disabilities, on tailor made things for these people. I’m very happy and proud with what they did.

Today I dug up this alphabet sculpture I made in the 90s. Going to give it a place in my new workshop.


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