That’s why most people I know who do understand the material, and people who do have a critical and speculative attitude, leave the design business to do something else.

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Ethical choices always lose from business choices. And a deep knowledge of the material always loses from things like technical framewoks.

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A valid critique on Design Thinking. I don’t agree with the description of a designer though. Ideally I agree, yet in practice where are these "critical, speculative" designers, with a deep knowledge of the material, who make ethical choices? I know two of them

In the last few months I have been clicking on hundreds of Ticketswap alerts. And every time "someone else was already paying". But finally, just now, I managed to get a ticket for the Viagra Boys in Paradiso.

Nou, daar gaan we nog een keer hoor. Lekker d̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶g̶ het hele weekend studenten beoordelen.

Nou daar gaan we weer, jongens. Lekker de hele dag … studenten beoordelen!

It seems on Mastodon people are either very silent, or they talk too much.

The Exclusive Design talk I gave at Beyond Tellerrand last week is online now. You can, and should watch it. It is about the way I teach at my university: with a focus on real people, instead of real guidelines.

@sirpeet Ah, ik was dus niet de enige die niet alles helemaal begreep (-:

@sirpeet Oh, je hebt gekeken! Gheh. Ik ben eigenlijk ook wel benieuwd naar wat ik allemaal heb gezegd. Eens kijken of het ergens terug is te zien (-:

One of the things I liked about birdsite is that I could selectively disable retweets from people that I didn't want to see retweets from. That feature still works, but is now completely useless. Instead of retweets, they started to show *likes*. And you can’t disable those.

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