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Ik ben gisteren naar de Follow the Money theatertour geweest. Was heel erg goed. Grappig, interessant en zelfs best goeie muziek ook. En ik realiseer me weer hoe belangrijk het is om dit soort onafhankelijke onderzoeksjournalistiek te blijven ondersteunen.

@pettter The Kröller Müller museum has a fantastic sculpture park (and an incredible collection of paintings as well).

Morgen is de laatste voorstelling van de Follow the Money Theatertour. In de Meervaart in Osdorp. Gaat allen, er zijn nog kaartjes.

One of the best things about hosting my own mastodon, is that I can style it the way I want to. Which, right now, is "Vasilis’ typical hysterical over-the-top style".

It is Bandcamp Friday so today you should buy all the music.
Recent favs:

Death garage
Istanbul Psychedelic
Garage rock
Gabonese folk pop
Moroccan rage punk
Dutch dance

@sirpeet Tof om te horen Peet! Wat leuk dat je even kwam kijken (-:

Had a lot of fun talking at the fantastisc Accessibility Club about the stuff I try to do with accessibility at our university.

In a few minutes I will talk about how we teach at the CMD Amsterdam School of Design. You should all watch it here:

There are tickets left — on site in Düsseldorf and online — for Accessibility Club later today. You should all join us. I will talk about how we teach at the CMD school of design in Amsterdam.

Had a lot of fun on stage at Beyond Tellerrand.

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