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Had a lot of fun talking at the fantastisc Accessibility Club about the stuff I try to do with accessibility at our university.

In a few minutes I will talk about how we teach at the CMD Amsterdam School of Design. You should all watch it here:

There are tickets left — on site in Düsseldorf and online — for Accessibility Club later today. You should all join us. I will talk about how we teach at the CMD school of design in Amsterdam.

Had a lot of fun on stage at Beyond Tellerrand.

On my way to Düsseldorf. Some people think it is weird that Düsseldorf is one of my favourite cities. They've never been to Beyond Tellerrand.

Somehow the sound of this live stream of a conference I’m watching doesn't work. So I am reading the live captions instead. I love inclusive design.

Reading the SSML spec. Would be so much fun if we could actually use all that stuff.

Maaike Klip gaat weg bij de ombudsman. Dat is jammer voor de ombudsman, maar daar komt ongetwijfeld iets beters van. Deze blogpost is al veelbelovend.

So now that I am thinking about switching to my own mastodon server I wonder: should I post on mastodon and then automatically post it on my site as well? Or should I keep my notes site as the place where I post things?

Running an own mastodon server sound like something I should do.

Vasilis Social. A private Mastodon instance.

Vasilis van Gemert’s private mastodon instance.