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Had a lot of fun party crashing the CSS Day speakers dinner. On a boat, through the Amsterdam canals, floating left and floating right.

Does anybody know when, if ever, raspberry pi production will be back to normal?

Het blijkt dat de middeleeuwen veel minder smerig waren dan de eeuwen daarna. En dat blijkt weer te komen doordat de samenleving toen minder ongelijk was. Best logisch natuurlijk.

Trip through Greece booked. Halkidiki -> Mesolongi -> Mani -> Pylio -> Halkidiki.

I’m looking for blogs (with RSS feeds) that write about music. Any tips?

Writing a user stylesheet to emphasise Refuse Cookies buttons. These buttons are often hidden. Under the fold, like on Youtube, or turned into an almost invisible link, like they do on Marktplaats. I love the fact that you can use some simple CSS to undo some horrible design.

I’ve been using Kagi as my main search engine for a few months now and I love it. They are a paid search engine, which may sound a bit weird, but makes total sense — don't worry, there’s a free version as well. You should try it.

I can’t go to the Nine Pound Hammer show in Groningen on the 8th of July. If you want the ticket, you can buy it for a discounted price.

I have finally written a blog post about the Exclusive Design Principles I’ve been working with, and been teaching about in the last few years.

JavaScript thinks that January is month number 0. I hate computers.

Ik ben net van een glijbaan gegleden. Altijd leuk en inspirerend, een bezoek aan Q42 met studenten.

I just saw the Lemonheads, live in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. That was an embarrassingly bad show. Incredible, hahaha.

Want to get rid of your adobe addiction? (You should.)
Today the Affinity products are 50% off. I’ve been using them for years now, and I have never missed adobe.

I need a new text editor. VSCodium has become very, very slow. I would prefer an editor that’s independent, so not maintained by a tech giant. Any tips? I work on a Mac and I mostly write Markdown, HTML and CSS. And sometimes some other stuff like PHP, Python or JavaScript.

While I really like the new language selection feature in Mastodon 3.5.3, I don’t understand what it does exactly. If I look at the HTML of something I posted in Dutch, for instance, I would expect a lang=nl attribute on the <article>. This would be handy for screen readers. But I can't find this attribute anywhere.

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